Breakfast smoothie

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So my 7 yr old claims allergies to anything remotely healthy. Anything grown on this earth that could possible nurture his body…he is allergic to. Needles to say, meals have become outright unpleasant and at times a battlefield. And I get tired of bringing my weapons/war tactics to the breakfast table so I’ve gotten sneaky.


Breakfast smoothies with a carrot juice base, bananas, strawberries and chia seeds. Note: don’t forget the strawberries otherwise picky eaters will spot the chia seeds.


With the extra we make popsicles…


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Trying to fall in love…

Here’s my weight loss journey…

Healthy Curves Fitness

…and so far all I feel is a lack-luster like for this whole thing.  Not always, some days I’m head over heals in love.  But it’s still hard work.  Which reminds me of my marriage.  Lots of work and worth the effort ( …awww Honey, you and weight loss rate the same…)   And like marriage, there are no days off.  And sometimes I want a day off from this.  It’s HARD.  And I’m tired.  Having had a little progress it’s proven itself to me.  Hard work really does pay off.  But you have to put the work in to get the results you want.   Nothing magical, no bippity boppity boo stuff.  Pretty much everyone knows this.   Annnnndddd yet it’s still an everyday struggle for me.   

  Therefore, I must fall in love. 




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Day 6 of 30

Oh boy oh boy. Today it hit me HARD. Sugar & gluten withdrawal is painful! I know it will pass and soon (I’m hoping and praying) my energy levels will skyrocket (nothing like a little optimism). I’ll be making Wonder Woman look lazy. But until then, I’m hiding from my family holding my aching head.
Oh the upside, I finally started a Facebook page for you journey. Facebook page

And on Instagram you can find me @healthycurvesfitness
Come cheer me along. Or laugh, what works for me 😜😁

I’m back….

Hello world wide web friends! It’s been a long while, life has been barreling along with no regard to my wanting it to slow down at all. In the last 1 ½ yr since I regularly posted: my husband is one year further along in school (whoop whoop), my oldest is in 1st grade, my youngest T-K (transitional K), my housekeeping skills have gotten a little slack, I’ve been cooking more, I lost FIFTY pounds. And then I went and gained FIFTY pounds. It’s been an exhausting while.
Now the housekeeping skills, I figured that until I can learn how to freeze them all, it’s really a lost cause. They literally tail behind me undoing what I’ve done.  I like to call my new method prepping for Halloween.  Why buy webs and dust when I can have my own collection.  And I have better things to do. As does anyone…
Schooling, thats all par for the course. It’s exciting to watch my husband do so well in school. The boys. They keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what new excuse they’ll come up with next. “But Mom, my throat hurst.” Then stop talking, that has nothing to do with your writing pages. “Mom, I”M DYING” That the 5 yr old uses multiple times a day. At this point I don’t expend more energy on these comments other than The Eyebrow Lift.
It’s the pounds, People. That bothers me. Please don’t ask how I gained back 50 lbs, other than the obvious I ate too much/not enough exercise scenario, no one really sets out to gain 50 lbs.
So now I’m back at at. And gosh darn it, my fat cells are clinging on for dear life. They remember how I tossed them out before and I guess I’m so cool they want to stay.
But I’ll win this. Again. It’s harder this time, but I know that I’ll N.E.V.E.R. gain it back again.
I’m doing a 30 day challenge right now that I’ll blog about as well as how my reluctant family is coping with all the HEALTH foods floating around. My 3 men are apparently naturally opposed to (and allergic my 7 yr old tells me) anything remotely good for you.
So until tomorrow….